The Start of a New Relationship…

I officially signed up for the MCAT!
May 31, 2014, @ 1PM
Oh man.

Helpful hints for signing up?
Use Mozilla or Safari, not Chrome! Then go here:
Look at the right column, and there’s a link to “Register for the MCAT exam.”
It costs $275.
Proceed to freak out a little.


I’ve given myself 5 months to study for the test. I’ll start in January. I want to do a full length practice every Saturday starting at the end of March. I’m committing to at least 2 hours during the weekday, and 4 hours on weekends NOT including a practice test. I’ll give myself a complete day off every 2 weeks
I am trying to give myself a really light and flexible load next semester.
VPHY 3100 (3creds)
STAT 2001H (4creds)
BCMB 4690H (4creds) — a little nervous about the time research will take, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. A good LoR, good experience, and I’m SO excited to work with my Human Biochem prof!!!
PE (1 cred) – hopefully a ropes course that meets 1x/ week

3 hrs/wk – hospital
5 hrs/wk – tutoring (keeps me fresh on Ochem!)
1.5 hrs/wk at Learning Ally
1 hr/ wk – Book club
1 hr/month – Student Board for the PSC

I have way too many practice books, thanks to 2 lovely friends who gave me stacks of theirs. I’m going to start with ExamKrackers question books. I’ll try to supplement with various kaplan/ princeton/berkley reviews, but I think it’s best for me to just practice. Maybe I need review for Gen Chem and Physics. Ugh physics.
A great source is I always get my questions answered within a day!

As for hobbies and having a life and friends, they’ve all got to go.
I’ve heard that’s the best way to ensure burnout. Don’t do it. Not even once.


3 thoughts on “The Start of a New Relationship…

  1. I found EK questions to be pretty easy compared to the real MCATs. (If you’re using the 1001 question booklets or the end of chapter questions). These are good if you’re scoring less than a 10 on the sections. But if you are 10+ on your practice tests, BK is definitely more reflective of the real MCATs.

    I did BK passages first and if I noticed that I was missing a lot of ?s, then I did related questions in the EK 1001 question book.

    – Z 🙂

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