Inspire me!

Huh, there’s so much built-in to WP to lend ideas for a writer’s block – “inspire me” button after you click “new post” and are trying to decide if you want a text, photo, video, quote….the prompt-a-day on their website…

I wish I could see life that way. Something, every day, that just screams…INSPIRATION!!!!! But a lot of my creativity has dissolved with my continued immersion in science. I really loved learning German (Ich möchte Deutsch sprechen!), but I did not have the will to continue when my would-be teacher this semester began talking about politics. I hate talking about AMERICAN politics…I don’t want to even THINK about German politics!

It’s never too late to dream, right? I want to learn all three languages – German, Spanish, and Korean.

That isn’t to say I don’t find biological sciences immensely interesting. The body is so…absolutely insanely complex. And it’s so relevant. Every single person has a body. It’s kind of hard for me to imagine not being interested in what’s going on in there. I wish I could just learn forever, without tests and projects and homework. Just learn what’s fun!

My ideal education would be to learn all about the body through health and science classes (anatomy, biology and biochemistry, food/nutrition, public health, psychology, exercise and fitness…no physics ugh). Then everyday I would practice speaking German, Spanish, and Korean with a tutor. Maybe philosophy and ethics every once in a while, so I can poke my brain along to think for itself. 
But it’s great that there are so many other things for people to do, because the world would be rather drab with a whole bunch of people running around and being healthy…without doing anything with that good health.


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