Self-fulfilling Prophecies?

LAST PHYSICS LAB EVER! And what do you know…I got a 0.46% error! The average is apparently 40% 🙂 A big improvement from the 690% error I got on the first lab…

I just really don’t like physics. I should have chosen the trig-based class, because I have never taken physics before, but my ego got the best of me. So I struggled through the first 2 physics. Well, still struggling through this second one. Almost done!!!!

But I’ve wondered…If I didn’t go into the class, completely dreading it (remember how I said I’ve never taken it before? How could I already hate it? No clue…), would I have worked harder and done better? I have this GREAT habit of procrastinating on doing things that I’m afraid I’ll fail at. So if I went in with no preconceived notions…would I have studied harder instead of procrastinating homework and studying because I absolutely knew I was terrible at physics? I mean, organic chemistry has a terrible reputation, but I never really heard anyone complain about it before college. And I did great in those classes.

Although tutoring has taught me that I didn’t learn much the first time through ochem. Well I know now!


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