Shadowing Program?

You know what would be really great?
A physician shadowing program.

If you don’t already know some physicians, it’s really tough to get your foot in the door.
I’ve tried emailing and calling many doctors, who never get back to me. It’s really quite frustrating.

I should note, though, that probably every doctor in this city has pre-med students crowing up a storm trying to get in some shadowing experience.

So wouldn’t a program be nice?
Benefits for physicians:
1. Physicians could indicate whether they are interested or not in being shadowed.
2. They could say what times they would be available.
3. If they aren’t available or don’t want to be shadowed, much fewer people would bother them.
4. The program could take care of all paper work/ training for confidentiality.
5. The program could make sure students are dressed properly, know proper conduct, so physicians won’t have to worry about getting crazies.

Benefits for students:
1. They could get shadowing experience, which allows students to decide whether or not they actually want to be physicians. (NOT a weed-out or a checklist, right? Right?)
2. They don’t have to stress-out simply about FINDING someone to shadow.
3. This reduces the advantage people who-just-know-people have.

But perhaps this is all about teaching life skills…No one is going to constantly make programs to make life easy for everyone (well…). And I guess a lot of circumstances come down to who you know.
Life’s unfair, and I guess this uphill road is too.


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