Happy Pepero Day!

Well, a modern Korean celebration of love…kind of like Valentine’s day. Lots of cute pretzel sticks smothered in chocolate and sprinkles…yumyum! Very nice after a terrible Physics Lab Final.

I will be so excited to be done with physics. The more I learn (semi-learn..) about it, the more interested I am in it, but I simply dread being tested on it. I have only a polite interest, and a learned aversion to it. I almost can’t wait to start studying it for the MCAT, so I can start again at the beginning and really hammer out all the fine details.

Well we’re studying immunity in Microbio, and I absolutely love it. We did a section on immunity in Human Biochem too, so I already know all the molecular basics of everything, so it’s absolutely great! It has been super helpful to answer people’s questions though, so I can clarify what I don’t understand about it either.

Speaking of clarifying…Sn1, Sn2, E1, E2. They are driving me nuts!
I can’t keep who’s a good base/bad nucleophile etc etc straight in my head. MAN!


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