Study Break

Last night, after working through some Faraday’s Law homework, was filled with a little light reading …a true chickflick/romance/drama kind of book. And although I’m loving Anna Karenina (I like Russian writers, like Rand and Dostoevsky. I don’t know, I think it’s the Russian names and the way the books are translated. Maybe it’s just because they’re classics and therefore really good. *shrugs*) and Better (Atul Gawande), it’s so nice to have some mindless reading.

Uh-oh, don’t market drugs for something you don’t have tests for! The FDA’s gonna getcha!
Although I think we can reasonably expect lowering LDL cholesterol will help lower the risk of heart disease. Aren’t there tests for that? So what exactly did Aegerion do wrong? Maybe they should have cited the other studies? I’m not sure.

Volunteering as a physician is awesome
YEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSS!!! This is what I’m excited to do!
Better bookmark this:
Resources for volunteering as a physician

300 Very Important People in the Healthcare system I guess
What the….am I supposed to read through this whole list and memorize who’s who?


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