The Mood for a Post

I have a few topics that I have been meaning to write posts on…They’re sitting in my drafts folders, halfway outlined, partially thought-out. But they’re the kind of posts that I have to be in “the mood” to write. You know, the dark, anxiety-ridden moods that come from procrastination. When everything but school work is so much more fascinating.

So I’m too much at peace to write on those topics. Today has just been relaxing, with prepping meals for the week with the roomie and church with a friend.

Conversely, when I’m in the throes of emotional angst, I don’t think to vent via these posts, or write while the feelings are fresh. It’s quite curious. And frustrating. There’s never a “perfect time” to write those posts. Maybe I’m just too scared to really explore those feelings. Well, there’s no timeline, so I’m not going to worry about it.

Last week of school! Hoorayyyyyy!


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