Crushin all the Candy

I drowned in physics for the past few days. Electromagnetism, Faraday’s Law, Induction, what have you. I like this stuff so much more than everything else in physics. Isn’t it weird? Electrons just make sense to me. I don’t know. Hopefully this is the last physics test I will ever ever ever take….!!!! Besides the MCAT. Hooray.

Now it’s time to buckle down on Human Biochem. 
I’ve been casually glancing over some of the notes, so I have a general idea of what we’re talking about (I think…Long term potentiation in the HC, schizophrenia- dopamine hypothesis and glutamate hypothesis, regenerative medicine..). The end of the semester is always so lovely 🙂

So, I spent about half an hour glancing over notes on Schizophrenia and the Dopamine Hypothesis, and left off at a cliff hanger…What does glutamate have to do with all of this?!? ‘Til next time….

…And played Candy Crush. Ah, what a glorious waste of time!


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