Create Create Create

So I stumbled on this article the other day thanks to reddit and boredom.

I also found various critiques written, picking at the article, and so on.

Anyways, I only really took away one point: Create. My brain kinda ran with it from here.Creating things gives you a sense of purpose, and personally, that sense of purpose motivates me. +1 if your creations benefit others.

It’s true, I personally spend a lot of time on consuming what other people have done…knowledge, games, books. Creating this blog and journaling have been really great for putting down thoughts that I have swirling in my head. But…I want to do more! It’s hard to be content with knowing that I’ll one day (hopefully) be contributing to other people’s happiness and well-being by being a physician. I want to be useful now!

How can I BECOME a more diligent person? What skills do I want to have (surviving in the wilderness for sure! and knitting), and how do I gain them? Will these skills allow me to contribute more to society?

And…it takes courage and effort to chase your dreams and be fruitful. It’s so easy to sit around and play Candy Crush. It takes a bit more energy to write (create!) a blog post. It’s not like it’s required or anything. But it does take more effort. And then the excuses begin to pile up….what if no one reads/appreciates/agrees with my creation? And they just tear it down and my feelings get hurt and I never ever want to create again SO THERE. And I have more important things to do like study for 7 hours (of which 5.5 hours are spent mindlessly staring off into space). Or sit around because I deserve a “break.”

Honestly, I think I’m bored more often than not. So I eat, and pretend to study, and try to examine why I’m so unhappy and unfulfilled. I’m not sure if this will lead me down the road of doing way too much just to keep my mind off of things, but you know, there are all kinds of people in the world, and I might just be the kind that does not like to sit still.

So, courage. create create create


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