Dreams and Wishes

Wishes do come true!
Wishes do come true!

We had some roomie bonding time last night, complete with our secret santa gift exchange. LOOK! I GOT PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!! yumyumyumyum my favorite!

Other dreams and wishes besides becoming an MD and going on medical missions which I want more than anything in this world:
-learn Korean and Spanish…or, become more fluent in both.
-I’ll go ahead and add Deutsch in there!
-write a novel (2014 is my year!!!)
-kill the MCAT
-garden (I want to volunteer with Campus Kitchens! I’ve been to the orientation…but haven’t gotten around to volunteering yet…)
-DIY…although I don’t know WHAT I would do
-bake bake bake but this has already come true…never hurts to dream about it some more!
-run a 5K next semester!
-shadow some more physicians
-reeeead…I have so many books just waiting to be read…because they are just so pretty and tempting to buy. Darn you 2nd & Charles…I have a hard time choosing between silly easy novels, and classics. I’m getting through Anna Karenina, and I love Russian literature, but sometimes Levin looks at trees for too long.

My list of things to do is so average now that I think about it. Everyone wants to learn a language and write and travel and read…Isn’t that a dilemma? Everyone is supposed to be so unique but we are all so alike. It’s what makes the field of psychology even possible, no?


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