December gets the Short Stick

Poor December…as soon as I’m done with school, the year just seems to cease to exist. I never remember anything about December. There’s Christmas and no school. That’s what the end of the year is.

Anyways, I stayed up late last night trying to get last minute papers in, and I had an interesting report done on al-Qaeda and the Taliban that I’ll post up later. I never knew I didn’t know so much about Islam and modern day politics and everything…It’s kind of sad really…

Here are some of my key points:
1. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are fundamentally 2 different groups that both formed thanks to the Afghan war against the Soviets.
2. The war called many different Muslims to Afghanistan to fight the invaders, which is a religious duty. (defend land, help the ummah, etc.)
3. However, the militancy did not stop with the war, and radical Arab Afghans were the result of this. These Muslims went back to their home countries still extremist etc.
4. The Taliban’s goal was/is to establish strict rule in Afghanistan.
5. Al-Qaeda’s goal is to have a global jihad and establish a worldwide Islamic state.
6. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are often confused for each other because the Taliban housed al-Qaeda in Afghanistan for a few years. Although Mullah Omar of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden of al-Qaeda were personally close, the two groups still were ideologically different. Circumstances brought them together.
7. Al-Qaeda has many affiliate groups that make an international network.
8. I still don’t know why we went to Iraq.

Fun Facts:
1. OBL was one of 53 children.
2. He was reportedly tall!
3. His father was wealthy.
4. He was not a religious scholar, so he could not issue legal fatwas.

Disclaimer: all these ideas were helped formed by various resources that I will post on my next post. They are not completely my own, but ones that I formed with the help of those resources.


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