The Absolute Best Way to Study for the MCAT

…which I have not found. I bet it goes something like, “set a good schedule…learn it right the first time…practice problems, practice problems, practice problems…you just have to make yourself do it…”

Well. I started. And realized I know absolutely nothing about physics. I started with the Berkley Review, and struggled through section one for units (who knew that I have a negative grasp on magnitudes?) and vectors, and dread the speed, velocity stuff….
I spent a bit of time on Examkrackers biology, got through the first chapter. I don’t think it will be too bad, but I’m definitely nervous about not reading/interpreting questions well. Practice will definitely have to come later.
I also started on GenChem today, using the Kaplan book. Aaaaaaand I’ve forgotten the differences between atomic number. mass number, atomic weight, and some other term that I can’t remember.
It’s just so hard to make myself sit and study. And this is only day two. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “The Absolute Best Way to Study for the MCAT

  1. Hang tough! When you ace the “beast.” (which is what I used to call it)

    As for BK–don’t you find the content explanation a bit dense? I ended up using, which really lets you do a quick review of content. Anything that felt vague to me, I used EK and BK to supplement the info.

    I really only ended up doing content review for about a week and then worked passages most of the time…Of course, everyone has to find their own way.

    Good luck!


    P.S. I’m going to shamelessly advertise my post about MCATs here -_-

    1. Yes! Berkeley has not been my favorite…As I’ve gone through this first month, I am lagging WAY behind my plans! Eventually I just morphed into just practicing problems, because it makes me review content anyways.

      Thank you! and congrats (very late šŸ™‚ ) on your AWESOME score!!

      1. Yes, BK definitely has the best practice problems and it’s definitely better to do the practice problems while reviewing content (or your gaps in knowledge).

        And, thank you! ^_^

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