Downward Spirals!

This blog is fast becoming a place to only complain about how my choices are making me miserable. Well!
MCAT studying is dragging along. Really, this is procrastination at it’s finest. I did a little bit of physics today, and marveled at how little I remember.
Uniform motion and Freely falling bodies
Tomorrow I’ll start orgo, Finish the first physics section, and review what I did for GenChem.
Find some tutorials for basic math.

Also! Salsa dancing and Frozen tomorrow!!

What I’ll need to reread for admissions. The process I mean.

Gotta make my appointment with the premed office, get in contact with Dr. W (sigh…maybe he hates me for not finishing my project.)

So…buying stuff for PE, Stat, and VPhy
Calling Learning Ally + apartments +Premed office
Find some doctors to shadow.
Sell back some books…


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