Flashback Friday I

This week was a good one – long (I didn’t even go to class for MLK day? why did this week feel so long?), but not too stressful or hard. Some things that got me through the week…

1. Look at what I found on my android! I didn’t know they did this in the albums – you can view all photos in spirals or in the fading-away kind of order…like the beginning of Star Wars, how the words “in a galaxy far far away…” etc fade away. HA! I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT THAT! GALAXY! I have a galaxy s3, in case you were wondering why that was funny. Pretty neat.

In a galaxy not far far away...usually in my hand in fact...
In a galaxy not far far away…usually in my hand in fact…

2. Peanut butter of course. I dollop some into my oatmeal in the morning! I’ve been scarfing down the chocolatey one. Mmm mm mm.

Wishes do come true!
Wishes do come true!

3. I found the recycling bin! Finally, I don’t have to feel terrible about throwing away glass OR plastic! I feel like recycling is pretty common everywhere except for the southern U.S. At least we’re sorta catching on!


4. My All Access Pass to my school gym’s fitness classes. Really, these are so varied and fun, and it helps just to be out of the house and busy! I did a vinyasa yoga class, yoga, zumba, and am planning on cycling and piyo too. Later might come turbokick, kickboxing…the choices are endless…

My highly fancy all access pass. Just kidding, it's a piece of construction paper.
My highly fancy all access pass. Just kidding, it’s a piece of construction paper.

5. I’M REFERENCED IN A PUBLISHED PAPER!!! I did research over the summer on Tracheal Transplantation, and the girl I worked with got published!!!! SO PUMPED! I feel like a real person now 😀 haha just kidding but not really.

6. I talked to the above referenced girl-I-worked-with-over-the-summer on the phone yesterday, and she was so encouraging and helpful about the whole medical school admissions process. I feel so terrified about the whole thing, constantly making lists of what I have to do, petrified I’ll miss something…it was a real comfort to talk to her:)

7. Bonus. I did a set of Gen Chem MCAT problems today, and got all 16 right. Of course, this was only over the periodic table and trends, but I still felt like a winner 😉


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