Where are you sleep?

Welp, I’m trying to build a habit of waking up early. You know what the best tip/trick/get-my-secret-now-for-a-small-sum-of-$12930241 is?
Go to sleep early.
My best tip for that? I’m not sure I completely know, since I’ve been looking for sleep for the last 2 hours. 

I’ve been trying to wake up at 6:15 every morning so I can get a chunk of MCAT studying done. The thing about roommates is..they’re distracting. Maybe it’s just me. I’m distract-able. (look squirrel!) Anyhow, evenings aren’t the best time for me to study. Today I spent 7 hours in lab as my PI did some gel electrophoresis set ups for a bajillion samples. I think we were testing samples of some chemical or another that was freshly made. Also, I was acutely embarrassed at how little I knew, though I could recognize a pippette man.  I was starving when i came home, and one of my roomies made cake pops and one thing led to another…

I usually get pretty bad acid reflux, so I try not to eat in the 3 hours before bedtime. Unfortunately, I had an early 5pm dinner, so when 8:30 rolled around, so did my hunger. I had an egg-bacon cup, special K chocolatey pretzel thing, jalepeno jack pretzels with laughing cow cheese. And now I’m paying for it with my precious sleep dollars. Note to self: eat dinner at 6:30 and have a snack before if hungry. Then sleep will come, praise the Lord!


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