Snowpocalypse 2014


Down here in the South, we like to lose our minds at the sight of a snowflake. You have to understand that we only see them once every four years or so! Anyways, our campus closed for a day and a half! So my roomies and I lost our minds properly: we sledded on container bin tops, made snowmen, had hot choco and cookies, had 2 movie nights (Penelope and We’re the Millers which were both really good!) replete with popcorn and oreos, and were generally lazy. It was fabulous.

Creepin on my roomie..

I was proud of myself for hitting the books yesterday, but didn’t study enough for my physiology exam. So today was filled with studying for that test, and unfortunately, I lost another day for MCAT studying. Well, tomorrow’s a new day!

I would write more about my minor freak out yesterday about the medical school thing, but I do have a test for which I must study… All about general cell stuff and the nervous system. Quickly, some cool things I’ve learned:
1. The Nernst Equation!!! I’m not sure why I don’t remember this/never learned this. This thing is awesome. I ALWAYS thought the sodium-potassium pump (with the net 1 positive charge moving out) determined the membrane potential and was generally confused by this whole idea…but no longer! Thank you Nernst, whoever you are. (This is who he is. Er ist deutsch!)
2. I finally got the hand of the whole action potential thing. Simple things such as depolarization= becoming more positive in relation to the resting membrane potential…they make all the difference.
3. Why pictures of a section of the spinal cord looks like a ram. Those pointy bits are actually called horns! The dorsal ones are for afferent neurons, and the ventral ones are for efferent neurons. Then there’s a whole bunch of crossing over and stuff…it’s all quite fascinating. Jolly good.


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