The Last Resort Grill



If you’re ever in Athens, this is a great place to go!

I imagine it would make for a nice date! It’s not super fancy, but the food is good, and the lighting is dim. I haven’t been for dinner, so I can’t speak for that. I hear it’s delicious!

I wore jeans and boots and a nice shirt (and by nice shirt, I mean not a T-shirt).

We went for Sunday brunch, and the menu featured some delicious entrees. It was only a page, so it wasn’t too overwhelming 🙂 We opted for…
–pancakes: soft and yummy, served with seasonal fruit, syrup on the side, and whipped cream
–shrimp and grits: SO delicious!! creamy, with sausages too…
–spinach and feta thing: challah bread topped with an overeasy egg, delicious spinach/artichoke/creamy sauce, tomato salsa, and a side of roasted potatoes


They also had a large variety of cakes! We didn’t get any though, because we were STUFFED with deliciousness already!



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