Campus Kitchens

ANOTHER SNOW DAY! minus the snow, but also minus the school so I’m not complaining 😉 Instead of studying like I should, I’ll take a moment to procrastinate and write a blogpost…..

So this past weekend, I volunteered with an organization called Campus Kitchens. A little back story…
I’m not sure when I heard about the organization, but I signed up for the orientation last spring. It is a program dedicated to reclaiming unwanted food from the local Trader Joe’s and The Fresh Market, making a nutritious meal plan from whatever was collected, and then distributing the meals to local residents who need it most. We focus on senior citizens of the area.
Can I say that this was perfect for me? I hate that food is wasted. But that’ll have to be another blog post. And I think nutrition is one of the most important parts of someone’s health. So OF COURSE I wanted to work with them. However, this and that and the other thing got in my way…anyways…The point is I finally went and I enjoyed it IMMENSELY.

I signed up for food collection! This is the only thing that really worked with my schedule.

Before and after
Before and after

All that food would have been thrown out! P.S. that door in the back of the picture led to a freezer! More food!

Food food food!
Food food food! and flowers!

We collected a BUNCH (a lot, not just one bunch 😉 ) of flowers! We got to give them to some elderly people in a home who were just waiting around to lay claim to the one they wanted 😀 They were so excited!

Close up of the food after organizing!
Close up of the food after organizing!

We even got to take home something we wanted!

wpid-PicsArt_1391977789561.jpgThings I’ve always wanted, but never found the time/money to buy! How sweet of them to just GIVE us this! BTW…does anyone know how to repot herbs? or what all the herbs are in that pot? I’m clueless!

And afterwards, we went to Cali ‘n Titos…yum yum!

I can’t WAIT to go back!!!


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