I thought wrongly

Nope, still don’t have the hang of things. The day after I triumphantly told the MCAT that I knew how to deal with it, it snickered and threw me two days of complete and utter failure.
But, I came back this morning, agreeing to finally commit the time necessary to really accomplish what I need to do.Also, I need to study more efficiently.

First off, I really need to review before doing problems…basic concepts, things that need to be assumed that I had forgotten, and things that need to be assumed that I had never bothered to properly learn in the first place (ahh…if you’re in physics now…PAY ATTENTION AND LEARN IT! DON’T indulge in the self fulfilling prophecy of “I am no good at this and will fail, thus there’s no point in studying or trying.”).
physics is tough 😦
BUT I am determined to understand as much as I possibly can. Bring on the tears and frustration.

Then I need to review concepts after, which I have kind of been doing. Just a reminder for me.

Secondly, I am going to use time-blocking. I’m making an appointment to study, then honoring that time by not using my phone, not going to unrelated websites, and not daydreaming. My overall time-block is about 2 hours at a time, and then I will need 2 breaks in there just to do a little stretching and yoga.

To help with that whole focus and daydreaming thing…It really helps me to keep a blank sheet of paper/ journal/ planner nearby to scribble any unwanted (but maybe important!) thoughts in my head. It stops me from worrying that I’ll lose that thought, makes sure that I actually don’t lose that thought, and keeps me from worrying later that I thought about something really important during study time and totally forgot it. It clears my brain for things I actually want to focus on.
I have tons of little papers flying everywhere!

Lastly. STOP PANICKING. You will get done what you will get done. Everything will be okay. It’s okay if you have a bad day, but try not to let it snowball into two. A lil studyin is better than none. This is NOT all-or-nothing.


7 thoughts on “I thought wrongly

  1. I think these are all solid plans. Hang in there!! Check out the EK 1001 book for physics. That should help you target areas of weakness.

    1. That’s funny, I actually have the EK book, and I’m still struggling! That’s the extent of my weakness… But I’m working through it! I’m really not sure what I learned in physics class…

      1. I had a really good physics textbook written by my prof with some really solid explanations. Let me know what concepts you are targeting and I’ll post stuff related to that from the book–and we can see if that helps! 🙂

      2. Wow thank you so much for the offer!! It’s really so kind of you:) The next time I hit a real doozie, I’ll be SURE to ask you!

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