Anki and Tutoring

Have you guys heard about Anki? It’s basically a flashcard kinda module with other cool features (apparently anyways..I haven’t figured it all out yet since downloading a few days ago 😉 ). I used to use Study Blue, but idk, I’m easily swayed I guess 🙂
Anyone have preferences for using technology to study? I like that I can be productive during commute time 🙂

I worked today, and I had the most amazing tutoring session. Two of my more regular tutees came in today, and asked about a reaction (a combination of two actually) I was completely unfamiliar with (Michael Addition/Robinson Annulation). I had never been taught them in OChem, but apparently my teachers did a great job of explaining how to work through and understand stuff on my own. I got that sucker figured out in a minute, and then I explained it back to them. Then we had to work through problems that presented a product and asked for the reactants.
It’s such a satisfying feeling, solving syntheses problems and working mechanisms. Most of all though, I felt like both of them understood, and I was SO proud of how they could work with ease through the rest of the problems. 😀 😀 😀


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