I didn’t know there was a proposal to change food labels!

Wow! People would be fooled less by the so-called “whole grain! natural!” claims, and it looks like added sugar will have to be listed all together instead of in separate names (honey AND sugar AND molasses etc etc etc). Calories would have to be listed in “normal portion” sizes, as in the amount people usually eat.

I’m sure advertising and marketing people are smart, and will nevertheless find ways to work around these kinds of restrictions. And I doubt every single successful business will comply and reduce profit without a fight.
And of course this doesn’t mean everyone will suddenly care and/or understand food labels.

But it’s kind of exciting! I wish I could specifically vote for this!!


2 thoughts on “NEW FOOD LABEL CHANGES??

  1. I’m really curious to see how marketers will respond to these restrictions. You know that they will find the loophole somehow. But I’m excited nonetheless to see the deception go down! (a little)

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