Spring Break :)

So apparently we have a deep fryer…

DonKatSu with raw cabbage salad...
DonKatSu with raw cabbage salad…

Then my momma took me on a on-a-whim trip to Wilmington, NC! She chose that city because she was curious after reading N. Sparks’ Message in a Bottle.

The Pilot House
The Pilot House

White plates make all foods look pretty!
We walked around downtown (why would anyone want to go to a serpentarium???). It had a very cozy, laid-back kind of feel, with all sorts of nooks and crannies and restaurants that I was dying to try…But you can only eat so many dinners 😉

Wilkinson Beach
Wilkinson Beach
Good  night!
Good night!

The next day…

The sunrise
The sunrise
Mesmerizing water...
Mesmerizing water…

Bfast at Sweet n Savory near Wilkinson beach. I would recommend their baked goods, but it was just alright overall.

Shopping and cute cafes...
Shopping and cute cafes…
Yellow Pepper soup???
Yellow Pepper soup???

Doesn’t my mom look french with her striped sweater?? 🙂

Tuna Nicoise
Tuna Nicoise Sandwich + Chilled Cuc Salad

I learned how to pronounce Nicoise (nee-SWAH), and that it’s the French equivalent of a Cobb Salad. Whatever it was/is, it was delicious!
And apparently, Pistou is pesto without the pine nuts. I’m being culturafied. 🙂

I loved spending time with my momma, and can’t wait to one day treat HER to a lovely vacation!


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