Flashback Friday IV

No pretty pretty pictures…but a whole lot ‘o excitement!

  1. Summer Fellowship!!!!!!
    I’m SO excited to have had my proposal accepted for a summer fellowship at my school!! Especially because…
    Somethings happenin in our cells!!! WAHHHH!
  3. Getting LORs cleared away
    I finally got into contact with my PI from over the summer (he is NOT an email checker!) and we met for breakfast. He’s such a caring and excitable individual, always dabbling in this and that which places him in PERFECT positions to give out life lessons. It sure made lab time fun!
  4. SPAH-REEEENG BERAAAKE!!!!!! (spring break for all the normal people out there)
  5. Serious PMS
    Maybe I’ll write about this more in detail at some later point…but things are certainly not always peachy. Mood swings and anxiety and stress build up, and sometimes it’s hard to just take care of myself.
  6. Power of Habit + Radical
    Two books I’m obsessed with right now. Cannot put them down.
  7. No-added-sugar challenge with my cousin…Can we last a whole month???

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