Always playing catch up

Well, here’s what’s been happening so far in the pre-med world…
1. I FINALLY finished the MCAT (whew!!), all of my medical school applications and secondaries. I completed 5 applications. Did you know the national average is 13???and…
2. I GOT INTERVIEW INVITES! One to Hofstra and one to GRU! A straight rejection from Tulane, which is actually kind of nice because at least I know not to expect anything from them any more!
3. Some of my friends are getting accepted, and it’s beginning to hit me…this might really happen. We all might become doctors. LAWD.
4. School-wise, I finished up my research over the summer and had a presentation that I was quite proud of. And these last two semesters will be dedicated to finishing up my biochemistry and microbiology majors.
5. A possible gap year is a whole ‘nother post!

Otherwise, I’ve been really enjoying my senior year, trying to balance my school life and social life and application life 😀

Every month, I make a goal to do something everyday for the entire month. This month is blogging! Keep me accountable interweb!


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