No one panic, BUT THE EBOLA IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the obnoxious title, I couldn’t help it…!

A man in Texas is infected with Ebola.

And about 100 people are being monitored, because they might have had contact with him.

Although it’s a little bit scary to think of the virus being here, I think we have little to fear in the U.S. We’ve been learning about this in Virology class (is it kind of cruel to say that this has been interesting to watch and learn about while in this class??). It’s an enveloped virus, so it’s easily destroyed. It has a high burnout rate (kills the infected quickly) which is not conducive for spreading. And it requires direct contact with bodily fluids for infection. As opposed to influenza, which just requires a simple sneeze (even just talking!) to spread up to 6 feet.
I also think that most people in the U.S., while not necessarily in love with doctors/healthcare, will at least listen to directions and be cooperative in the event of a larger breakout. We have much better palliative care too.
We even have potential vaccines developed, just not tested and approved. The big question for that is: is it worth the money to continue to process that vaccine? Influenza kills upwards of 30,000 every year in the U.S. alone (get your flu shots!!!), so that is definitely “worth it.” But how do we appropriate resources to this kind of disease that doesn’t necessarily directly affect most Americans? The epidemic is also predicted to burnout soon. Makes you feel icky :/


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