When craving Asian-y foods…

First of all, does anyone else wear earplugs? Has anyone else had problems with waking up with “numb” ears?

So the other day, I was really craving bibimbap (Thank you theprimalist! although I eat mine with a lot of rice 🙂 ), but I didn’t have any of the proper ingredients at my apartment. So a friend and I decided to try out Tin Drum!


I got the Steak kimchi bowl, and though a bit salty, it was surprisingly close to the flavor I was craving! I was worried because sometimes people call spicy fermented veggies “kimchi”….but it really is nowhere close to the flavor I expect. I can’t complain- I’ve had quite the advantage in tasting real kimchi 😉

Anyways, I always feel a bit weird going into Asian restaurants because I feel like a stereotype. But I do love all sorts of Asian food…! I can’t stay away 😀

If you’re in the Athens area (and I know there’s also one quite close to the Georgia Tech campus, as well as one around Regal 20s in Augusta!), definitely try this place out! They’re not too expensive (maybe $7/ bowl), give you a ton of food, and it tastes pretty darn good! Just make sure to drink lots of water 🙂

Then you can stop by right next door at Menchie’s for some froyo. Yum!


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