College = free stuff

Free StuffAlthough you might have to search just a little, there’s always free stuff going around on our campus – snacks, t-shirts (housing fair!), supplies, books, germs, etc.

I got this beauty in exchange for listening to an additional lecture on politics, tweeting, and social networks. It was interesting and the professor was very enthusiastic and fun, but this occurred at 2 pm. So I was starving and ate way too much, then promptly fell into food coma. Sigh.

One super interesting thing that I do remember is the idea of “six degrees of separation,” where everyone can be connected to anyone else through six other connections.

In other news, I forgot to do my outline for Prokaryotic Biology paper šŸ˜¦ I’m doing a review-type paper, and I choose to look at glycosylation in human pathogenic bacteria. I’m going to review mechanisms of glycosylation first, then look at different ways glycosylation helps the virulence of pathogens.
Well anyways, I emailed my professor causeĀ there’s no helping it – he’ll get the outline on Monday. It’s so nice to have access to a bajillion journals on campus, but you get spoiled. Living off campus certainly has its drawbacks.


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