I’d like a Little Butt, please

MMM mmm mm
MMM mmm mm

We went to Butt Hutt yesterday after the game (godawgs!)… And although this place looks extremely sketchy, it was absolutely delicious!! All of us cracked up over the silly names given to the dishes (Butt dog, Buttwich, and so forth), and I ended up order the Little Butt Plate. We are really mature people.
Anyways, the plate did not look too promising when I first got it (see above). BUT…The meat was tender and juicy, the mac and cheese was so very cheesy (I detest non-cheesy mac and cheese), and the vinegar coleslaw was vinegary and the perfect bright complement to the rest of my food. They had 4 different choices for bbq sauce (hot, sweet, mild, and vinegar) at the table, so you could try/use all of them.

It was absolutely delicious, and I will FOR SURE be going back!


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