How to be a less bad planner

Monday morning rain is falling….
There is actually no rain. I just wanted to imagine Adam Levine singing this on the soundtrack of my life.

Well, a lil Monday rain might be falling because I did not plan my week yesterday. I have always been a planner (not the little notebooks you buy, but rather “one who plans” 😀 ). It got to the point where I was planning every last minute of my existence, and this…became quite unhelpful. I love to plan more than I like to carry out said plans. And it seems to me that it’s because I’m not an especially good or realistic planner.

Instead of planning and worrying about every last second, I am working on developing a more “leadership” mindset during planning, and leaving the “management” of minute-to-minute details to…well, those specific minutes. So I am doing my best to set more realistic goals, and most of all REVIEW! Every week, I review my goals from the past week and see what I got done, what I didn’t, and what I partially did. This has actually been tremendously helpful during the week, because at any point, I can look back and see what I wanted to accomplish for the week and work towards that. But more importantly, it has been serving to show what I can expect of myself, and where I can improve. Do I need to stop wasting time? Do I need to give myself more leisure time? Are my goals too specific/not specific enough?

I’ve been messing around with what I like best, but here’s where I am right now.

For this week, here are my goals:
SCHOOL – next week starts 3 weeks of at least 2 tests/ papers/ interview per week.
1. 30 minutes of biochem and government review every day
2. read through 1 lecture for prokaryotic biology per day, and rewrite notes*
3. read through 1 virology lecture per day
4. have a very rough draft of my prokaryotic biology paper written by Saturday
+ career = I need a blog post about healthcare

1. Tues = Coffee with an old high school friend tomorrow (fun fact: I detest coffee, so I will have tea 🙂 )
2. Wed = meet with a friend from small group
3. Thurs = WINE NIGHT! I will relax and put no time limit on the back end of this (might have trouble concentrating afterwards anyways 😉 ) IFF I am doing well on all my school goals up to this point.
4. Call mom 3x this week
5. Church on Tues

1. Gym on Tues, Thurs, [directly after class – don’t forget to pack stuff!] & Saturday morning
2. Run on Mon, Wed, Fri
3. Continue to blog every day [woohoo! doing good on this so far, since this is a monthly goal 🙂 ]
4. Give myself time to write before bed


Does anyone have any tips or tricks?? I love learning about how other people discipline themselves!


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