Creature Comforts


Bier Bier Bier Bier
I took 4 semesters of German, and I’ve learned that that is the most important word 😀

Anyways, we have a few breweries in Athens (Terrapin, Copper Creek), and Creature Comforts is the newest one to open! I immediately loved the spaciousness, and the modern-y “barn” feeling.

We took a tour and learned a little microbiology (I went with some microbio lab friends). No wonder microbio majors are so wonderfully relaxed…they deal with beer and cheese all day 🙂

20140724_165319I bought my beautiful little glass for $12 and tried each of their four brews (is this the correct terminology? I’m so behind on my alcohol speak). My favorite was the dark ale one. They had a fruity one that I also quite enjoyed, but was told that true beer lovers would scoff at. Oh well! It was tasty for those of you who like wine!


Everyone gets a bracelet as they come in (how fashionable!). So you can get four glasses of beer, and they can keep track! CC also had a cool “Eat Local” initiative. We went to Amici’s afterwards to use the coupon, but of course, I forgot to actually use my coupon. Ugh Bier-brain.

Oh the places you can go!
Oh the places you can go!



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