20141008_204547Please ignore the creeper status of my picture. I was NOT – I repeat, NOT – hiding  behind bushes although it may look like I was. (Seriously, that’s just grass)

Located in the new shopping plaza off of exit 1 of the loop! It’s a pretty nice place to walk around and shop, with stores like Dick’s, Ulta, Five below, Banana Republic, Gap, Marshall’s, etc.

Although there are a plethora of froyo places in Athens (Yoforia, Menchie’s), this new one is super impressive because of its array of toppings. The yogurt itself is pretty flavorful, but they have SO many yummy candies and cereals and fruits to put on top! They also serve coffee for those of you who aren’t human and don’t like froyo 🙂

gone in 2 seconds

The inside decor is funky and fun, but it’s not too conducive for large groups to gather. Observe this central zigzag table. You may think it’s for a large group of people, but that’s a negative. It’s a cool table though! And it is also very nice for showing every single person in a picture, so it’s got that going for it!

Useless but cool zigzag table
Not for socializing, but great for pictures…perfect for modern times

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