What is it about thermodynamics and other physical biochemistry stuffs that turns me around so easily?

I knew I was not the best at physics. After some reflection, I determined that this was for a few reasons:
1) no prior exposure
2) I came in with too many assumptions, and I failed to realize that I even had those misconceptions. I didn’t adhere to strict definitions of words that are used colloquially, like force and acceleration and work.
3) self-defeating thoughts. Perhaps I knew that I was at a disadvantage. But I allowed that to paralyze me instead of encouraging me to do more practice problems and study harder.

I’ll do my best to understand what I’m doing right now. We’re working on enthalpy and entropy and Gibb’s and all these things that sound so familiar, yet…when given different definitions of them, I am at a loss!
I want to commit the strict mathematical definitions to heart, and then work through the derivations.

For instance, with entropy, we’ve defined it as the number of ways energy can be spread. The more entropy something has, the more ways it can push around its energy. I’ve always learned it as disorder, and this makes sense in a “doesn’t completely fit, but I can see it” kind of way.

I’ll have to keep working on this!


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