“Used to be a Gurley Girl…now I’m a Chubby Girl.”
– Unknown fans holding posters, as seen on TV.

34 – 0, Dawgs win!

I never really had much interest in college football until this year. But I’ve found it to be an exciting way to have fun and let loose, and I think it really is a great part of the college experience – especially since we have a top 25 team! 😉 I finally have something to talk about with 99% of my fellow bulldogs!

It reinforces something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I used to not understand football, and therefore it was no fun and I never wanted to watch it. Then, I put a little effort into understanding the basic rules, and found other people who love the game and were willing to explain it to me. After putting that little bit of effort in, it has become fun to watch!

I think this applies to many other areas of life, and the whole idea that “everyone starts somewhere.” There’s a learning curve to everything, and with a little bit of effort (sometimes, a lotta bit of effort!), anyone can enjoy and learn about anything. Of course, I’m very fortunate to have the perfect environment in which to learn!

Another pertinent life lesson: team effort. I was freaking out about not having Gurley, but I think it was GREAT for me to see that one member of a team is not the end all be all. I think I was worried about team morale, especially since this was an away game. But man…so proud :’)


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