Weekly Review

So, kind of shameful, but my week was not at all as productive as i had hoped. Apparently 30 minutes was too much of a commitment to ask for from government and biochem review, and I did not review a lecture a day as I had planned. It was a terribly anxiety-ridden week, but this is when discipline comes in handy. I want to build up my discipline so I don’t have to rely on motivation carrying me through.

Let’s try this again.

– follow my cram schedule for Microbio and Virology, as I have no choice now but to learn a lot of material in a very small amt of time.
– 15 min per day until Friday for Biochem and Government This is where I’ll be working on discipline!
– Thursday and Saturday will be dedicated to getting 2/3rds of my rough draft done for my Prokaryotic Biology paper.

SOCIAL: so sorry…but this is gonna suffer this week
– Can’t meet my friend for lunch this week; don’t forget to text her 😥
– Made prior plans to meet someone for coffee tom, so that is a go
– My friend’s birthday is this Friday, so I don’t mind doing something spontaneous to celebrate, but I think that is the only thing I can dedicate time to
– Call mom 2x this week
– Be polite to your roomies! But don’t get caught up doing nothing with them….Maybe only once 🙂

R & R: won’t be a lot of this either, but I’ll do my best to put some in so I don’t go craze balls
– Blog…this will mostly be about homework this week – sorry guys 🙂 And I want to do one about healthcare and insurance and all!
– Run 3x, preferably MWF
– Read 25 pages of The Alchemist. Ooh, exciting!
– Give myself time to write when stressed.

This is gonna be a crazy few weeks…LET’S DO THIS!


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