Back pain and grammar

I have a weird crick in my back. It’s like the crick in your neck that just takes a couple of days for the muscle to relax, but until then, you can’t turn your head, and driving becomes a full body sport. Although I’ve experienced different kinds of back muscle spasms (the worst one being when I was thrown off of a horse. This may have actually had something to do with bruising my spine or something…do not recommend!), this one is different. I can’t massage the muscle, which makes me think it’s a deep muscle. I looked up some anatomy figures of the back, and thought the erector spinae muscles were where it felt like something was wrong. I’m not having any trouble bending down, but it does feel sore when I’m sitting down and then make the conscious effort to straighten my back to sit with better posture. I can feel the soreness when twisting my upper body while sitting in a chair. But twisting my lower body while laying on my back doesn’t hurt as much. I’m sure it’ll go away soon, but I’m so curious as to what is happening…

Lay vs Lie
I lay the apple down on the table.
I laid the apple down on the table.
I have/had laid the apple down on the table.
I am laying the apple down on the table.

I lie on my bed (truthfully!).
I lay on my bed yesterday afternoon.
I have/had lain on my bed recently.
I am lying on my bed as we speak (I’m lying! I’m sitting on my chair, twisting to see if my back muscles still hurt).

So that sentence up there should be “But twisting my lower body while lying on my back doesn’t hurt as much.”

Anyways, onto the joys of biochemical cycling and redox reactions and microbial interactions, and then coronaviruses and influenza!


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