On study planning

Sometimes it’s such a struggle to study. I think I tell myself that I’m going to dedicate the entire day to studying, and it freaks me out. So I don’t study, and obstinately procrastinate which leads to more stress and then anger and frustration with myself. It’s a pretty vicious cycle.

I think a new way to plan for studying is to allow for breaks and not take away fun things. Even if I have a test the next day.

Studying didn’t go well for Prokaryotic biology. I have a test in virology tomorrow. So I will dedicate 2 good hours of studying, then take a break. I will cook and run to relax. And I will watch the new Criminal Minds (my friend hates procedurals, but I love them :D) tonight.

Lastly, I switched from a biology major to a biochemistry major simply because I wanted to focus my study more on relevance to humans. This unit of my microbio class is what I kind of wanted to avoid, but it is interesting and I’m glad I’m learning about it.

Well, onwards to a bit of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycles and papers that I want to review!


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