Almost forgot!

AH! I almost broke my streak! I usually blog in the mornings, because I love making to do lists, and I love crossing stuff off of them. But I had a virology test today, which went surprisingly well. Also, can I just say that it is amazing that my professor graded and posted grades the day we took the test. I literally took the test this morning, and checked my grade a couple of hours ago. It was a paper test (no scantron), and there’s about 30 people in the class. I am super amazed still. I have never had a grade given back to me so quickly! Uh anyways, I was busy cramming for this test, and so neglected poor bloggy blog here.

So it’s unfortunate that this is going to be a quantity post instead of a quality post. So please enjoy these quality resources:
On being wrong
The habits of happiness

And I like reading zenhabits every once in a while.

Goodnight 🙂


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