Morning routine

Inspired by this post!

Well, I have a pretty sporadic morning routine.

Here are the usuals:
1. I wake up and drink a cup of water. Apparently, your body is most likely dehydrated, so it’s a nice thing to do for yourself 🙂
2. Use the bathroom.
3. Make my bed. I don’t use sheets, just a huge comforter. I love the look of a made bed!
4. Throw on some clothes.
5. Eat breakfast and make lunch.
6. Pack my bookbag…and I’m off to class!

Here are the “if I have time” s:
1a. Read a devotional or two.
2a. Blog if I have time.
3a. Do a yoga vinyasa or too.
4a. I check the weather right around this time if I remember, or if it looks gloomy. No one wants to walk around without an umbrella! Which, incidentally, I keep an umbrella in my car too, just in case. I like the rain, but it’s not gonna get me.
5a. Study if I have the need or time.

It’s interesting, because I woke up later than I intended to today, and actually have to be out the door in about 8 minutes and am only on step 3. It’s interesting to see exactly what I want to do/will do even when my time is extremely limited.

Have a great day!


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