Healthcare Insurance #1

Alright, it’s time to bite the bullet.


I have been meaning to read up on Obamacare, and then to blog so I could get others’ opinions on it. But honestly, it’s overwhelming and I feel like I can’t get a grip on it. Everyone is so polarized about it – either it’s revolutionizing the American healthcare system, or it’s completely destroying it.

So I read up on it on, which states that Obamacare has 2 main effects:
1. giving more people health insurance access – everyone must buy insurance or pay a penalty, Medicaid will be expanding, and online insurance markets (not really sure why this is such a big deal)
2. changing the way doctors are paid – making sure the health care received actually benefits people

#2 seems like a good idea in order to get rid of the myriad of CYA/”unnecessary” test orders, etc. But:
1. being sued is scary
2. maybe checking all possibilities is the best way to prevent human error
3. I wonder how the government will make sure that doctors are providing the best care for people? For instance, if someone comes in with a viral sinus infection, and the doctor tells them to go home and rest, will the patient complain and say that the doctor didn’t prescribe them antibiotics and therefore had no hand in healing them?  How can the government determine what the best health care is, when doctors have to go through 7+ years of intensive training to learn exactly that?

Interestingly, Obamacare also forces all restaurants to post calorie listings (I think all restaurants), and I wonder what other myriad of little things it mandates. I think this is a pretty cool little snippet, because I believe that preventative care is going to save everyone the most money in the long run.

The main purpose of this law is to move us towards a Universal Health Care system, where the cost of illness is lessened for each individual by spreading the monetary burden around. About 60 countries have UHC, and most of these countries are smaller than the U.S (by the amount of land at any rate). I wonder how they started their healthcare system?

In theory, I think this is a pretty good thing to do. A big complaint I’ve heard is that this is not the best way to move the U.S. towards a UHC. But what is the best way? Is there a better way?


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