Things I did not expect from college – weekends

I use the weekend to “catch up…”
on homework and sleep, sure. But also:

– laundry (thank you mama for all those years that you did my laundry, and I’m sorry I never appreciated how horrible socks are, and how much underwear I go through, and why do all my clothes need to be air dried, and mom, you are amazing and I never want to have kids because laundry is horrible)
– cleaning my room: never realized I was such a neat freak until…well, now.
– cleaning the apartment: how are 4 girls so messy?? in one week??
– cleaning the car (why does everything need so much cleaning? I need a wand)
– grocery shopping
– getting gas
– cooking food for the week

I thought weekends were going to be chock-full (chockful? chock-filled?) of only fun and college parties, and sleepovers because your parents can’t say no, and staying out until the wee hours of the morning…false. Weekends are for catching up with all the one gazillion errands you must do. Then sleep, because sleep is so precious.

I must admit, there are great parts to each weekend: football during the fall, going out every once in a while, seeing movies, hanging out with people that you don’t see regularly. But I think I need another day or two added to the week so I can just sit around and write and read and sleep and bake and make cool art stuff…
Keeping friends requires concentrated effort now, and so does keeping up with my own needs. So much to do, so little time. Thanks college, for giving me and intermediate dose of what big people’s lives must be like.


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