Weekly Review & the Week Ahead

Last week I was extremely panicked about the coming week, because of tests, the coming weeks, etc. It turned out that I didn’t need to be so worried. I think I did well on both of my tests.

15 min per day until Friday for Biochem and Government — This happened only for government most days.
2/3 rough draft done for my Prokaryotic Biology paper — I did spend time Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday on my paper, but I have not made much progress in actually writing it. I’ve got some great sources, and I’m really excited about that!
Can’t meet my friend for lunch this week — I did text her, and we are meeting for sure this Wed!
Made prior plans to meet someone for coffee tom — this was wonderful and relaxing!
Call mom 2x this week — check!
Blog — almost forgot one day, but check! PLUS I did one about healthcare!
Run 3x — check! 10 miles total.
Read 25 pages of The Alchemist — check!
Give myself time to write when stressed. — check!

The Week Ahead:

1. Spend 15 min M/T/W on paper, then finish on R/F
2. Practice problems for Biochem today and tomorrow
3. 15 min on Gov’t today and tomorrow, heavy duty studying on T/W
4. Do virology homework – due T
5. Weekend: review all prok bio notes, catch up on reading for Native American religions, finish The Alchemist
6. Spend time on Tuesday + weekend thinking about interview questions

1. W – Lunch
2. F – volunteer
3. Weekend – my friend is coming to town + Atl with mom on Sunday!

1. The Alchemist
2. shop/instagram/reddit – limit to an hour a day
3. Run 3x 

I think I need to find better hobbies for R&R…


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