Happy Monday!

How often do you hear that? Used seriously, I mean.

I was scurrying around this morning trying to get to the orthodontist before my first class, and in the midst of brainstorming for a post, this just popped into my head. Aha, I usually start the week very negatively (God, why do Mondays exist? etc), and this will be very different, says my brain. Maybe I’ll have a good week because I’m thinking good thoughts.

Then this happened:

ouchies…that white box was a gray box when I made that sign, I swear.

That is indeed my car, and that little flap is indeed the part that opens the car trunk. I am too strong for my own good I think. I can no longer open my trunk.

But then this happened:

What a glorious day!
What a glorious day!

So I decided it was still a pretty happy Monday.

Here are some more reasons why:
1. I was in and out of the orthodontist’s in 15 minutes. Also, thank you parents for giving me braces. I don’t want to be so superficial, but maybe I am, because I really do think I would have lower self esteem with my natural crazy teeth. But I had it really bad, so idk. Anyways.
2. I can walk around my huge campus, and I actually like doing it!
3. Blue books are getting cuter:


Sorry, if you’ve been out of college for a while, blue books can now be green because they use recycled material! Also, this is only the second time in my college career that I will be using a blue/green book. I thought I’d be using them all the time for some reason.

4. I like having a liberal arts education.
5. I enjoy most of my classes. I really liked most of my biochem classes (human biochem was my all-time favorite, but my calc II teacher was awesome, but I’m taking immunology next semester YAY) and I’ve liked all of my microbio classes so far.
6. Senior year has been oodles of fun, and I’m not being sarcastic. After getting through all the craziness of applying for med schools, I’m peacefully waiting for my interviews, and I even feel hopeful about them. On the other hand, I’ve made peace with the fact that I might not get in, but that a gap year would be great fun too! In addition to all that, I love having wine nights and going out and going to corn mazes and meeting loads of new people and just generally having awesome friends, and oh yes
7. My roommates are pretty awesome.
8. This week is full of potential to do great things! aka I need to go study for my biochem test so I can pass.

It’s a pretty happy Monday when I think about all the good things. I might have to make this a regular occurrence.


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