Brain functioning at minimal capacity

I really like sleep, and when I don’t get the right amount (or wake up at the “wrong time” in my cycle or however that is), I get a dull headache and am pretty useless at everything. Except at eating- I become a master eater. I eat without discrimination or restraint. But The Real Kicker: I can’t fall asleep easily because I fixate on the fact that I have a headache, so naps for me. No sleep = no fun

Well anyways. The reason behind the braindead-ness is that I stayed up too late and woke up too early to cram for an exam. This is the first time that I had to cram so badly for a test in college. & it is completely my own fault. I have a severe mental block towards all things physics, and physical biochem, though I love biochem, is no exception.
As I started to study mercilessly cram formulas and snippets of concepts, I realized that I could have learned the material so much more in depth if I had put in a little bit of effort at a time, consistently (surprise surprise). Although I theoretically know this, I can’t convince myself to study for this subject. I studied for political science class over this.

So, the goal for this next period. I will read one slide of my biochem notes every M-F. Just one slide. Then on the weekends, I will read through at least one lecture per day. No other effort required – just read. Then, when the practice problems come out, I will do them all at least once before the test. More effort can be put in, but no less. I will commit to that much.

In my dazed state of “can’t fully function,” I read about polyglots, and it reaffirmed my desire to learn Korean, Spanish, and passable German. This guy, Timothy Doner, seems to be really enjoying learning tons of languages. I only want to learn 3-4…is that so much to ask of you, brain?? (Brain sighs and rolls eyes. Except, wait.)

I also read “Rural Practice Fights to Stay Solvent.” Although it focused on North Carolina Medicaid policies, it did tie into the ACA a little bit. This renewed my search on health insurance, but no luck on finding anything “aha”-y. I found the site, but it seemed pretty dedicated to saying that Obamacare was no good, very bad, and utterly horrible, and so I thought it might not be the best source for unbiased data. The search continues.


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