Blog direction

This week has felt like the longest yet shortest week ever. I’m simultaneously feeling “it’s only Wednesday??” and “how is already Wednesday??”

I was thinking of
Sorry side note, do you ever notice yourself using one word waaay too much? I start every paragraph with “So.” Maybe I’m trying to transition, but the excessive so’s are…I don’t like them. Please re-board the former train of thought.

I was thinking of my blog in general. Its function on the internet, its function for me personally…I’m not actually sure why exactly I started one. I wanted to be a helpful resource for other premeds, detailing the steps to (hopefully) getting into med school. But there are so many other great sites for that. Then i wanted to make connections with others on the same journey (which I did, and it’s great!). Then I wanted to use it to become a guide to the cities I frequent. “What do I post?” always paralyzed me, because I want to post on all sorts of different topics, but still be useful to people in general.

But I think I’ve sorta found my general direction. Not in a “directions-given-by-google-maps” way, but more of a “go north!” I don’t have the wisest things to say to y’all, or the best way to get a 45 on the MCAT, or all the admissions data on every single school. I really want this to be helpful to others, but I think the best I can do is offer authentic snippets of my own life and experiences. Blogging has helped me realize that my college experience, my life experience right now, is something worth me thinking about and remembering. It’s helping me to capture the whole “live in the moment” and “enjoy the journey…”
I was always looking towards med school, then residency, then FINALLY a practicing physician!!!!!!!! And I built my identity around that, around a future that isn’t set in stone. I neglected reflecting on and enjoying who I am right now.

I’m still an undergrad – and there’s nothing wrong with that. I can still build connections, sense of self, and skills. I can still enjoy every day and find things to be happy about and make memories that I’ll look back on fondly. I’m not an “incomplete” person, just waiting around to become someone. Sure, I’ve got a lot of developing to do, but it’s okay that I’m at step 5 out of 109,234,827,350,983,475,028, because no matter what, I have to take every single step. I can’t skip one, or I’ll be underdeveloped, with a rocky foundation come step 3,298,749,328,749. I had to go back and put those commas in. I just had to know. It’s the little things. pahaha

Don’t get me wrong – I think goals are great. But I think they should add to you-in-the-present, not become all that you are.

Here’s to making every day long and wonderful!


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