Help! I use too many words to try to give detailed explanations of simple concepts or perhaps not so simple ideas in my head

Oh no, karma…I made fun of my roomies’ allergies, and now perhaps I may have some – uncontrollable urge to sneeze, watery eyes. No sore throat. Slight headache – but that might be due to my poli sci test.

An aside:
One thing I really like about college – nicknames for classes are cute! (Hey, tis the lil things in life) ie:
political science= poli sci (pronounced “poly sci,” with a long “i”)
organic chemistry = ochem, orgo
microbiology = mibo
freshman/general chemistry = gen chem, weed-out, terror on a stick

While I was taking my poli sci midterm, I was thinking about how I struggle with communication. I’m not even sure if it’s communication, exactly.

I rarely ask questions in a class full of people, because I take too long to try to formulate a question. I try to word it concisely, because otherwise, I’d open my mouth and start rambling, trying to explain my question, its context, and my trains-of-thought when trying to answer it. By the time I get something semi-concise in my head, I start to worry about whether other people will think I’m dumb, and if I am dumb, then if I’m wasting their class time. If I get through all of these hurdles, then the professor has most likely moved on.

Asking questions during class is obviously not ideal for me. I need time to go home and think it over, and then come back and ask questions. But it still feels like I’m asking someone out – my heart beats really quickly, and I get nervous, and my voice shakes.

So with my poli sci test essay, I was trying my best to incorporate all of the information I wanted to while not being too verbose. I like to explain everything little feeling and detail. And I like to word my phrases just so. Maybe this is not a bad thing in and of itself, but I do want to learn how to be concise when it’s needed.

Maybe I need to practice summarizing articles or books. Succinct, but conveying my entire message.

I don’t know – does anyone else have this problem? What did you do to overcome your meandering ways?


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