Sad tales of a semi-introvert

I need a vacation from my fun weekend.

Some weeks are pure terror, with multiple tests and multiple page papers due. And then you get a block of 3 weeks where each week is a pure terror week. So this was the end of my 2nd pure terror week out of 3, but I had really great moments where I enjoyed the week.
I enjoyed getting studying done, and being productive.
I enjoyed the fact that I like school.
I enjoyed a break from studying on Tuesday with dinner with the roomies and on Wednesday with lunch with a friend and Criminal Minds and Stalker at night.

Then the weekend happened. I started with dinner with a friend, which was great. Then I went straight to a bonfire with plenty of s’mores and catching up with several old friends. Also fabulous!
Then…everyone wanted to go to a brewery today…then I asked to go make sandwiches for the homeless…then Halloween parties.
Then Sunday I’m going to watch my friend play ultimate, then to Atl with momma.

Well now I’m just overwhelmed- as overwhelmed as seeing my bajillion tests and papers penciled in on my calendar. I just want to freeze time so I can sit at home and read and journal and casually study. I love my friends, and I am so blessed and happy to be able to see all of them. But I am exhausted. This week was hard, and it seems so counterintuitive, but hanging out is exhausting too.

But sometimes, when I’m out, I never want to stop being around people. And afterwards, coming home is kinda sad. Like, once I go out to the brewery, I will probably want to go to the parties too.

So I dub myself a semi-introvert (it’s a spectrum anyways), and try to enjoy and be grateful for each moment as it comes. Then I plan vacation days for myself – I’ll take the rest of the day for myself after my interview next Thursday!!


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