Taqueria Tsunami

Looks like this
Looks like this

Taco Tsunami (as all the cool kids call it) is in the new Epps Bridge shopping area, right next to di’lishi! This place was casual and fun, and the food was great! There’s also an outside eating area, but it’s getting kinda chilly for that 🙂

MMM chips and cheese dip with fresh jalapenos
MMM chips and cheese dip with fresh jalapenos

It’s an asian-texmex fusion, with things such as egg roll avocados with Santa Fe ranch and sweet Thai chili sauces:

Yes please!
Yes please!

I love asian flavors, and I LOVE texmex food. We each only got one taco thanks to all of the other appetizers that we got 🙂 I got Pacific Rim taco. Definitely recommend!

They're baby tacos, beware!
They’re baby tacos, beware!

After dinner, you can get dessert there, or walk to the froyo place a few stores down, or go to Gigi’s cupcakes right next door! Or go to a bonfire and have too many chocolates and graham crackers 😉 I’ll eat a s’mores socially, but marshmallows are not my favorite. I’ll definitely much on the chocolate and graham crackers all night though!

Taco Tsunami also has several locations around the Atlanta area.

My only complaint is that it’s just a little pricey, but that may be the spoiled college kid in me talking! I would definitely go back, but wouldn’t go every week.


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