Here's their sign :)
Here’s their sign 🙂

If you come to Athens, everyone will probably say to go to Kelly’s. It’s right in 5 points next to Subway. It’s kind of easy to overlook if you’re not looking for it! It sells Jamaican food, and has a tropical feel in its decor.

Very understated

So you walk in, and the first thing you notice is that the health rating is a 74. Then you realize the food is in what looks like a middle school cafeteria. & only in Athens do you still proceed to order food and actually eat it.

Southern cookin with a twist
Southern cookin with a twist

I got the jerk chicken. The parts that were in the sauce were tender and moist, but the exposed top parts were dry. The spice was pure hot-spicy and flat rather than flavorful, and rubbed on the skin of the chicken. The collards were salty and good, the mac and cheese was not cheesy enough, and the cornbread was sweet, moist, and my favorite part of the meal.

I wouldn’t order from here a second time, but it was a check off the bucket list!


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