Applying to Med School – Secondaries

You’re not done after submitting AMCAS! Hang on for a bit longer!

After the primary AMCAS application, which you send to a wide variety of schools, many schools will invite you to complete a secondary application. These vary school-by-school. They are mostly composed of asking you for a little bit more personal information, and then short answer essays. You can get a sense for each one by sifting through school-specific SDN sites, and can even *HINT* practice what you’d say for the essays, or even *BIGGER HINT* write the essays before you ever receive the secondary. Bigger hint is meant to reduce your stress levels when many secondary invites arrive at once in your inbox 🙂
It’s best, again, to try to submit your best work ASAP. Remember, almost all med schools do rolling admissions, where first come, first served. People could be accepted before you even turn anything in if you wait too long!

There’s not much more I can tell you about these, since they are pretty school specific. Here’s my own timeline of secondaries and all:

July 12 – Submitted primary
August 5 – Primary is completely processed by AAMC!
September 4 – Last Letter of Evaluation (LOE) received by AAMC (still took some time to distribute to assigned schools) — BEWARE AGAIN: you will assign LOEs to each med school you apply to on the primary. Schools will NOT look at your file until it is complete. So any schools waiting for this last LOE waited until at the very least, Sept 4 to look at my file.

Georgia Regents
Completed: Last few days in July, but waited on Sept 4 LOE
Invited: September 24
1st interview date available: October 30

Completed: end of August
Rejected: September 19

Completed: end of August
Invited: September 8
1st interview date available: January 28*

I’ve also completed secondaries for Rosalind Franklin (around the same time as Hofstra and Tulane) and VCU (beginning of August), and I have not heard back from either.

Well! My interview for GRU is coming up this Thursday! Any hints?? 😀


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