Interview 1

I had a wonderful time – something I did not expect at all!

8:30 – Introductions and a presentation. There were 9 other students there with me, which was apparently a smaller group. I never realized MCG had such a variety of clinical campuses! They also have tons of cool extracurriculars (Peru…research…homeless clinic…veggie truck…).In addition to MD/PhD, MD/MPH and MD/MBA programs are offered. They have a flexible system, so you don’t have

10:30 – 1st interview: Open file. My interviewer was so sweet! He was elderly and very kindly. He just went through my file and asked me about different parts of my application. I don’t feel certain about how much he liked me personally though, because he was so nice. He’s probably kindly and grandfatherly to all his interviewees, but it did put me at ease for the rest of the day 🙂

12 – Lunch and tours with some M2s! This was really cool, because we got to eat (a nice lunch was provided) and interact with 5 different medical students. They were all very nice, funny, and personable. They took us on a tour afterwards. Some of the other girls who had already been on interviews brought flats – I was jealous.

2:30 – 2nd interview: Closed file. I was pretty nervous for this one, because I was very sure the “So tell me about yourself…” question was coming. Indeed I was right. I stumbled around a bit and got lost in what I wanted to say, but I got enough out there for the conversation to move on. He was also surprisingly nice – I was expecting a grilling. He did ask me questions to make sure I knew what I was actually talking about. Not too difficult, but I wasn’t able to answer all the questions. He never asked anything that wasn’t pertinent.

Overall, the day was exhausting (couldn’t sleep last night), but I really enjoyed the experience. I expected interviews to be extremely stressful, but everyone extremely friendly. And now I’m sad, because I felt like I was at orientation and I was super excited to talk about curriculum and “houses” and ECs and clinical research and shadowing… but I’m still only an applicant. 😦

Mom took me out for dinner, and now I want to sleep for days. Tomorrow, I want to write thank yous to my interviewers and the med students who gave us the tour. 🙂


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